Funded by BMEL and BMZ, the German association Ekoconnect - International Center for Organic Agriculture in Central and Eastern Europe e.V. - since 2009 country reports on organic farming and the market in Central and Eastern Europe. As part of this initiative, the country report Ukraine was recently reissued.

In addition to basic data on the production and processing of organic products, important organizations, the current legal legislation, the control system, research and advisory facilities as well as the markets for organic products in Ukraine and internationally are described in detail. This makes an important contribution to networking market players in Europe with Ukrainian companies. Ekoconnect was supported in data collection by the German-Ukrainian Cooperation Organic Agriculture (COA).

The Organic Country Report Ukraine can be downloaded free of charge in German, English and Ukrainian language from the following link: http://ekoconnect.org/de/publikationen.html

English version: http://ekoconnect.org/tl_files/eko/p/Projekte/MOE-Laenderberichte/Country-Report-Organic-UKRAINE-EkoConnect-2020.pdf

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