In October 2020, the autumn course for the production of biodynamic preparations took place on the “Schiwa Semlja Potutory GmbH” farm. Due to the COVID pandemic, only a small number of people could participate and the organizers therefore decided, with the support of the COA project, to shoot a practice-oriented video and make it accessible to a wider audience.

For the production of the bio-dynamic compost preparations - yarrow, chamomile, nettle, oak bark, dandelion and valerian - collected parts of the plant are packed in appropriate animal covers and placed in a pit from September to March (Michaeli to Easter). During this time, under the influence of the winter forces in the ground, a process of “transformation” takes place: the preparation plants combine with the forces of the covering organs and a new substance is created that supports the living structure of the soil.

The biodynamic spray preparations are known as horn manure (preparation 500) and horn silica (preparation 501). For the horn manure preparation, fresh, well-formed cow dung is filled into cow horns and also buried in the earth over the winter. In contrast, the horn silica preparation is left in the ground over the summer half-year and taken out of the ground in autumn.

Link to download the video in German:


Digging up the preparations in spring and using them is the subject of the first part of the video, which is available at the following link:




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