On 26-29.10.2019 the Biodynamics Association Ukraine and Farm Shiva Semlja Potutory with the support of the German-Ukrainian Cooperation in the Field of Organic Agriculture (COA), conducted the Spring course on biodynamic preparations “Preparations Days”.  The "Organic Ukraine" has also helped with the organization and advertising.

The idea of this event was, on the one hand, to jointly produce biodynamic preparations so that each participant could then take it with them and apply it in their farms. Thus, the field of application of the preparations and their beneficial effects can be multiplied. On the other hand, the organizers wanted to continue to work on the foundations of biodynamics, as well as strengthen cooperation.

The first day was dedicated – under the direction of Marc Follmer, to the study of Rudolf Steiner's agricultural course, especially the third lecture and the Nature of Substance developed by Steiner.

During the next three days, the focus was on practical work, i.e. production of biodynamic compost preparations (chamomile, dandelion, nettle, oak bark), as well as the spraying preparation 500 (horn-manure preparation). Barbara Steinemann was able to follow marc Follmer's remarks in her notes on the background and practical application of the preparations.

Both Marc Follmer and Barbara Steinemann have spent years intensively dealing with the topic of substances and biodynamic agriculture. Through their lectures, they have contributed to a better understanding of the practice and background of biodynamic agriculture.

On two evenings, the participants worked on the preparation of guidelines for the production of biodynamic preparations and also discussed the topic:  "Biodynamics in Ukraine, what are the next steps?

In order to make the preparations and biodynamic method more widely known the Preparations Days should be carried out from autumn 2020 in other Ukrainian farms that work biodynamically.


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